Using data to see the world

We are Princeton Data Science


Princeton Data Science (PDS) fosters the study and practice of data science and machine learning
within the Princeton University community through three core programs.


We host guest speakers from industry teams and academic groups who share how they use data science in their work. If you would like to sponsor a Data@ event, please see our sponsorship guide.


We hold student-led workshops to introduce methods and applications of data science to interested students.


We train, host and help organize student teams to compete in top data science and machine learning competitions and work on collaborative projects.

Sponsor PDS!

PDS relies on the generous support of industry and university groups to host educational events and support student members. If you are interested in hosting an event on campus or supporting our efforts, please see our sponsorship guide.

Our Team

PDS is run by a board of bright and motivated Princeton University students.

Ji-Sung Kim


Rohan Rao


Maddi Ross


Jessica Deng

Director, DataDev

Adam Kelly

Director, DataDev

Arjun Subramaniam

Director, Data@

Tim Tang

Director, Data@

Niranjan Shankar

Director, DataDebut

Matteo Russo

Director, DataDebut

Presidents Emeritus: Evan Chow (Snap), Eddie Zhou (Google Brain), Anna Matlin (Airbnb)

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Please do note that Princeton Data Science is a student organization and not a university department. Consequently, we do not sponsor PhD or Masters students.