Using data to see the world

Break things, make things, analyze things



We engage the Princeton University community with 3 core programs:

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We host data science guest speakers who share how they use data science in their work.


We hold student-led workshops to introduce methods and applications of data science.


We train, sponsor and help organize student teams to compete in top data science and machine learning competitions and work on collaborative projects.


The people behind the scenes

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Cathy Chen


Excited about using ML and statistics to understand data in neuroscience.

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Rohan Rao


Trying to engineer creative solutions using data.

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Anna Matlin

President Emeritus

Passionate about data science as a form of storytelling in politics, sports, and medicine.

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Ji-Sung Kim

Director of Communications

Working on solving the hardest problems in data using machine learning and deep learning.

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Kevin Liu

Director of [email protected]

Interested in applications of data to fields less traditionally data-oriented.

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Yash Patel

Adviser on DataDev

Studying math and computer science; extremely interested in AI, NLP, and busting some sweet dance moves.

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Francine Camacho

Graduate Student Chair

Using data science to tackle and answer biological questions: the stuff of life is data!

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Maddi Ross


Interested in data as a lens for studying history